How to Create a Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall is about making one wall in your room stand out from the others. The wall makes a statement and accentuates the room’s focal point. You can do this in a loud and bright way or you can create a feature wall that is subtler.

Benefits of Creating a Feature Wall in Your Room

  • Adds vibrancy to the room and makes the general décor stand out.
  • Adds personality to the room and makes it unique from the rest of the house.
  • Can be used to hide imperfections. For example, you can hide an uneven wall by making it the feature of the room and decorating it with wallpaper that has a bold pattern.
  • Adds space to the room, particularly if you add stripes to the feature wall. You can add stripes with wallpaper or you can have them painted on. Vertical stripes make the room appear taller while horizontal stripes make it appear wider. In both cases, however, the room feels more spacious. It is hard to achieve the same effect by adding the stripes to all the walls as this would be overbearing. Adding the stripes only to the feature wall is the best option
  • You can give the room a tone or atmosphere by your use of the feature wall. For example, you can add energy to the room with a bright and confident colour or you can go for softer colours to make the room more relaxed.
  • You can use the feature wall to define a space in the room. For example, to define the part of the room that is used for dining.

Tips for Creating a Feature Wall

  • Whatever you do and whatever style you choose, make sure the feature wall doesn’t overpower the room. It should be the focal point, but it should not make it look like you have gone too far with your design ideas.
  • You can create a feature wall using paint or wallpaper, or you can use textured wallpaper that you can then paint on to get the desired colour.
  • Make sure the colour you choose complements the rest of the room, i.e. don’t go for a bright colour just because it is bright. The colours you use should work together.
  • Pick the right wall to make a feature of the room. This will be the wall that is the focal point, i.e. the wall that the eye is naturally drawn to when you go into the room. This could be the wall with the open fire or it could be the one where your TV is located. The wall at the head of your bed is usually best in the bedroom.
  • Avoid creating a feature wall if the room is already busy, i.e. with lots of items on the walls, shelving, a lot of furniture for the size of room, etc.
  • Feature walls work best in big rooms. Conversely, in very small rooms, a feature wall will make the room appear smaller.

Finally, you can stretch your décor bravery to its limits with a feature wall. If you are unsure of the colours to choose, however, or how the feature wall will impact the room, you should get advice from a professional.